C. Augusto Proiete

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My Open-source Projects

Open-source and side projects I'm actively working on.

Free and easy .NET for Excel
Common dialog classes for WPF applications
Command-line utility to extract the contents of ExcelDna add-ins packed with ExcelDnaPack
Easy continuous integration of apps using third-party controls that rely on licenses.licx files
Integrate Serilog with Prism in your WPF, UWP, or Xamarin Forms apps
NuGet package that shows we can run arbitrary code from any NuGet package
Customize your Hangfire Dashboard (e.g. Change the Title of the Dashboard)
A Serilog sink that writes events to Excel-DNA LogDisplay
Integrate Excel-DNA Diagnostic Logging with your Serilog logging pipeling within your Excel-DNA add-in


Posts I've written.

My Interests

Topics that I've been specializing in.